GO-BIKE – Urban Mobility we are one of the world’s largest bicycle factories with electric assistance systems. Our goal is to facilitate and promote an alternative mode of transport that respects the environment. This service facilitates the automatic availability of bicycles to interested people for their journeys through the city in a sustainable manner and as an agile and economic mode of transport, complementary to other habitual means in their city.

Our feature: Dockless electric bike

It is precisely the possibility of parking the bike where you want, instead of having to leave it in a qualified station, the advantage offered by companies like GO-BIKE compared to other rental companies. The system is based on the intelligent padlock that the vehicles incorporate. After locating the nearest bike through the app (in the case of electric is also indicated the level of battery charge), just scan the QR code that incorporates to unlock and ready. When the trip ends, it is left anywhere and the padlock is closed.

GO-BIKE bicycles incorporate a solar panel in the basket to facilitate the recharging of the intelligent padlock, the soul of the vehicle. This informs of its location and allows its unlocking by users.

The company GO-BIKE launches today its offer of rental bicycles. But unlike other bicycle rental systems, it will do so without fixed stations where to anchor the vehicles. That is, they will be distributed on the streets and sidewalks of the city.

The system takes advantage of new technologies and mobile applications. In particular, users must download the GO-BIKE ‘app’ on their phone, with which they can geolocate the available bikes on the map of their municipality, reserve one and, once there, unlock it to make the displacement.

When you reach the destination, you only have to park the bicycle, yes, in a responsible manner, in a place where it is allowed and that does not create any obstacle for the users of the road or sidewalk.

As for the vehicles, GO-BIKE will use a model of its own manufacture with numerous innovations, such as airless wheels to avoid punctures, or an intelligent lock that reduces the possibilities of theft, among others.

In addition, the bicycles are equipped with a SIM card and with GPS technology, which allows the analysis of the displacements: speed of circulation, most common routes, average duration …

In addition to electric bicycles, we also offer traditional bicycles and electric scooters.